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DIG MA Types

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What is the DIG MA Types Indicator?

Our programmers have brought together the 8 best Moving Averages and bundled them together into one amazing indicator, making them easy to use and absolutely stunning on the charts. Furthermore we have coded in a unique channel feature that can be turned on and off.

Which Moving Averages do DIG MA Types support?

    • EMA – Exponential Moving Average – Low lag.
    • SMA – Simple Moving Average – Standard simple moving average.
    • WMA – Weighted Moving Average – Provides greater value to new prices.
    • HMA – DIG Hull Moving Average – Supper Low Lag, quick response and very smooth.
    • TMA – Triple Moving Average – Quick Response, supper smooth.
    • SMA3 – Triple Simple Moving Average – Almost none overshot, great for trends.
    • KF – Kalman Filter Moving Average – High reliability.
    • Gauss – Gauss Moving Average – Long time frame support.

How to choose the right MA for you?

Most traders like to stick to the standard MA types – Simple and Exponential, these 2 are incredible, but if you are only familiar with them you might be missing out. If you plan to use the MA as a trigger then it is more important to have it respond quickly and be smooth, in such as case choose low lag MAs, but if you plan to use the MA as a setup then it is more important to have it keep trend, not overshoot.

HMA – DIG Hull Moving Average – Supper Low Lag, quick response and very smooth.
S&P500 Futures 15 Min Chart: Notice how the MA in this case our DIG Hull Moving Average is color coded according to its direction making it much to read at one glance. Also notice now quickly it reacts to change yet how stable the change in directionality is – great for signals.

MLNX Daily Chart: In this case we have long length MA for overall trend understanding, we use the Gauss MA, notice how stable it is providing a great overall trend.

EURUSD Forex 15 Min Chart: In this case we have an Exponential moving average with the Channel feature enabled, in this case set to pips ( can also be set to percent ).

Key Features:

  • 8 Different MA Types in one amazing indicator.
  • New Feature – Color Coded according to trend.
  • Easy to use and support any chart and any timeframe.
  • New Feature – On/Off channel plotting.

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