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Premium Indicators – TradeStation, MultiCharts, MT4 & NinjaTrader

We offer our clients dedicated support for this indicator, meaning that you will have full access to our support team with any issues, advice and best practices of this indicator via Phone, Skype video chat and screen sharing assistance.

TradeStation, Multicharts, MT4 & NinjaTrader indicators with premium support:

DIG Magic Bars
This is a revolutionary indicator, who’s single purpose is to identify key price points.
Always after such a point the market goes into a strong trend, and most these points
are key reversals.
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DIG Smart Points
The smart points indicator was build to help you recognize key turning points, pullbacks
and bounces. The calculations are based on a unique moving average developed
by our company.
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DIG Predictive RSI
The Indicator plots on the Chart one bar forward the future price need to reach the Over
Sold and Over Bought Zones. For the first time ever you can actually see how many
Points does the price need to become OverSold or OverBought.
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DIG Pivot Package
This is the ultimate pivot package, it consists of 3 products, an indicator that plots the pivots,
and shows exactly where they are broken.
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DIG Floor Pivots
Floor Pivots are a well known technique used by floor trades, market makers and large
institutions to calculate the daily support and resistance levels.
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