MultiCharts Update – Microseconds and a New Manual

Posted by Gil Zehnbacht on

Although it is not a software update but it is an important announcement for MC beginners.

MultiChart has released for the first time a decent, up to date and comprehensive User Manual for the platform.

As we have been going through the new manual, we found a lot of detailed explanations of the software features . A real pleasure.

Click here for a direct download!

Another important update is the Microsecond support.

Microseconds, which are one millionth (10−6 or 1/1,000,000) of a second, are a new step in accuracy of backtesting results and data sequencing. It’s imperative that backtesting can be as accurate as possible to ensure that systems perform as expected when placed into live trades. While some data feeds are introducing milliseconds in their data (which MultiCharts also supports), they added a scalable solution that covers even the more accurate timestamps of the future. In addition to existing TickID sequencing within microseconds this means that data sequencing during backtesting will be exactly the same as during real-time (!).

ASCII Export/Import can now handle milliseconds as well as seconds. Added a new checkbox for “Export milliseconds” on ASCII Export dialog window. If the option is checked then milliseconds will be exported, if this option is unchecked then only seconds will be exported (the way it was implemented before). Files with millisecond data can be imported on ASCII Import using a time template like *h:*m:*s.*f

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