Custom indicators & radar screen coding

Our experts have been working in the field of automated trading for more than 10 years. We specialize in the following platforms: TradeStation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader (EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage, and NinjaScript).

How we transform your idea into an indicator:

  • You send us a request for your custom indicator or radar screen.
  • Our tech team analyzes the request, after which our tech team writes you to explain whether each request is feasible, there any complications, or the team recommends something better based on team members’ collective experience.
  • You and the tech team establish the final requests, after which the tech team sends you a price quote for the project.
  • The tech teams starts work on the project and writes to you if team members have questions or complications. When the project is completed, it is thoroughly tested, documented, and delivered to you.

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What Useful Modifications Can Be Made to an Indicator?

  • Adding alerts and emails with specific user-defined codes.
  • Making a radar screen version of an indicator.
  • Making the indicator work with multiple time frames.
  • Making the indicator plot on Data1 but use the data from Data2 or Data3.
  • Making the indicator run faster (very important for heavy TradeStation users).
  • Making the indicator plot behind the candles or bars on the chart.

How Much Does It Cost?

After the final requests for the custom indicator are received, the tech team analyzes them and sends you a price quote. The price quote consists of programming and testing hours. Quotations are free of charge.

How Much Time Does It Usually Take?

The finished project is usually delivered within four working days after all the requests are established.

How Is the Finished Project Delivered to Me?

The finished project is sent to you by email. The email will contain the finished project, a PDF manual, and a workspace illustrating the correct usage.

Examples of Custom Indicators and Radar Screens:

A client asked us to translate the OSMAXD indicator from MetaTrader and add special alert features to it with user-modified text; we also created a special version of the indicator to work on the radar screen.

Ichimoku Indicators in Multi Time Frame. A client requested a transformation of our Ichimoku Package to work with Multi-Time Frame technologies (working on 60 Min data but plotting the Ichimoku indicator of 240 Mins); at the client’s request, we also renamed the inputs and created a special version for the radar screen.

We created a Pivot ShowMe upon client request to indicate pivots according to the algorithm the client developed. He specified the exact look and feel; you can see the results below.

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