The Updated DIG Bar Timer: V-2.2 OOEL

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Here at we like to constantly improve our indicators, utilizing new technologies and new ideas;
About a year ago we developed the DIG Bar Timer Indicator, this indicator prints the time left until the end of the current bar, as shown in the image below:

A month ago we decided to upgrade this indicator, as TradeStation 9.1 now supports OOEL capabilities (Object oriented), so we created the 2.2 version, taking this indicator to a new level.

What’s new in the 2.2 version?
First and most important is the improvement in accuracy, the timer now updates 4 times per second;
Second, to give you more flexibility it now allows you to determine the vertical alignment of the timer on the graph;
we also added a cool new feature – voice alerts, you can now hear how many ticks/seconds are left until the end;

Go to: DIG Bar Timer 2.2 OOEL

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