Indicator Translation Service

Our experts have been working in the field of automated trading for more than 10 years. We specialize in the following platforms: TradeStation, MultiCharts, and NinjaTrader (EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage, and NinjaScript).

How we translate your indicator from one platform to the other:

  1. You send us the specifications of the indicator you want to translate, with pictures and preferably a code example; you also specify the destination platform (TradeStation, MultiCharts, or MetaTrader).
  2. Our tech team studies the given indicator and translates it to the destination platform, making sure that the look and feel of the new indicator are exactly up to your specifications.
  3. You can also ask us to modify the indicator, such as by adding alerts, color changes, and radar screen compatibility. Our tech team will program and add these modifications to the indicator.
  4. The finished indicator is then tested, documented, and delivered to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

We will send you a price quote after our tech team receives and analyzes the final specifications. The price quote encompassing programming and testing hours.

How Much Time Does It Usually Take?

The finished project is usually delivered within four working days after all the requests are established.

How Is the Finished Project Shipped to Me?

The finished project is delivered to your email account. The email will contain the finished project, a PDF manual, and workspace illustrating the correct usage.

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Examples of translation

PPO indicator from with an Extra feature – Colorful Histogram.

Original PPO from

PPO in TradeStation:

ADX indicator from with an Extra feature – +DI and –DI.
Original ADX in

ADX in TradeStation:

OSMAXD indicator from MetaTrader with Extra features – Build in Alerts and Special Radar screen version.
Original OSMAXD in MetaTrader:

OSMAXD in TradeStation with Radar Screen Version: (The client asked to specifically change the look of the indicator – new colors)

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