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DIG Smart Points


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What is the DIG Smart Points Indicator

The smart points indicator was built to help you recognize key turning points, pullbacks and bounces. The calculations are based on a unique moving average developed by our company.

The indicators consists of 3 lines and 2 types of signals.

Indicator Overview

The indicator basically pinpoints reversals and pullbacks, by finding areas where the price steps outside of the Indicators Bands and then turns back in.

  • It works Well in a Trending market .
  • It works Great in a Sideways market.

Specifics – Short Trade Example

As soon as the price crosses above the upper band , the indicator will let you know by plotting a yellow rectangle above the bar. This yellow rectangle simply tells you to get ready a reversal or pullback might be near. When the price crosses back under the upper band here the indicator really starts to work. It analyzes the conditions of the price movement in order to decide weather the pullback is good, it uses the DIG_CCI ( our version of the Commodity Channel Index, which you can purchase separately ) to further improve its decision. When the indicator decides that the pullback or reversal is good, a red rectangle will be plotted above the bar.

This indicator has been build and back tested by our best experts, and it works great! Yet you should use you knowledge and understating of the market in order to make an informed decision when a signal ( Red Rectangle ) appears.

Below are a few examples of smart point signals. The indicator works on all time frames [Minutes, Days, Weekly], we have found it to work best with a 15 and 60 minutes chart.

AMZN 15 Min Chart. Notice how the yellow rectangles are drawn when the price moves above the Upper band, and then the red rectangle tells you a pullback or reversal is about to start.

For NinjaTraders users – same concept, we use orange and pink dots:

DELL 60 Min Chart. A nice long signal. It is recommended to close a part of the position when the price crosses the middle of the channel.

GBPUSD 60 Min Chart. A nice short signal which resulted in a move of about a 100pips. We recommend you slowly trail your stop as the trade progresses and close a part of you trade as the price crosses the middle band.

An initial stop may be placed just above the high pivot point before the signal. This high pivot, tends to hold well, and is rarely broken.

@ES 60 Min Chart. You can see how great this indicator works on sideways moving market. Notice that the pivot points just before the signals, held up really well.

Key Features:

  • Works Great in a Trending Market
  • Adjustable parameters for volatile markets
  • Pinpoints pullbacks and reversals with Great accuracy

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