Please take the time to go over the frequently asked questions:

  1. Are there free indicators?
    Yes, we have a section called: Free Indicators where you can download amazing indicators free of charge.
  2. Do the products work for ever, or is there and expiration date?
    All our products if not stated other wise are delivered with a one year licence.
  3. Will the products keep working when a new version of the platform comes out? 
    TradeStation Users – All prodcuts have full forward compatibility and will work on all newer TS versions.
    MultiCharts Users – The MultiCharts Platform does not support forward compatibility –  a $15 fee is charged for updating each product for new major platform updates.
    MetaTrader Users – The MetaTrader Platform has partial support for forward compatibility –  a $15 fee is charged for updating each product for new major platform updates.
  4. Can I purchase a specific indicator from a bundle?
    Yes, each an every indicator can be purchased separately here: Our Full Indicator List.
  5. How can I extend the premium support services? 
    All our premium products come with a 6 month premium support. If you wish to extend that period simply let us know but contacting us though – Our Contact Form.

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If you require any additional information, please either email us at Support@ProTradingIndicators.com or fill out our contact form. We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.