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DIG Predictive RSI


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What is Predictive RSI?

RSI ( Relative Strength Index ) is a technical momentum indicator, you can read more about it and purchase our enhanced version DIG RSI Indicator . The Predictive RSI, is based on the RSI indicator, the idea is very simple and that’s exactly what makes it so powerful.

Future Plotting of OverSold/OverBought zones

The Indicator plots on the Chart one bar forward the future price need to reach the Over Sold and Over Bought Zones. For the first time ever you can actually see how many Points does the price need to become OverSold or OverBought. No more Oscillator Mambo Jambo, just real price action.

The indicator consists of 2 Lines the Upper line indicates the Future Price needed so that the RSI will reach the OverBought Zone. The Lower line indicates the Future Price needed so that the RSI will reach the OverSold Zone.

How To Use the Predictive RSI Indicator

For the first time even, we can now see on the chart exactly how far we are from the oversold and overbought zone in actual asset units and not in RSI values. This makes the game much easier.

AMZN on NinjaTrader:

AMZN 60 Min Chart:

The Upper line represents the price need for the RSI to go into the OverBought zone and the Lower line represents the price needed for the RSI to go into the OverSold zone. Notice that the indicator changes colors according to the location of the price relative to the lines.

The second major use is actually while looking at historical price movement and trying to analyze it. The RSI indicator we see historically, is calculated on the close of each bar, meaning that if during the bar the RSI was in one of the zones and then came out, we will not be able to see it. Using the Predictive RSI this is easily accomplished.

Just take at look at an historical chart, if the price has ever crossed above or below the Indicators lines, this means that the RSI was OverBought or Over Sold. Lets put this to the test.

AAPL Daily Chart:

Notice the 2 white arrows, at both times the RSI doesn’t quite make it to the OverSold zone according to the RSI indicator. But if you look at the DIG Predictive RSI you notice that the during the day the price dropped below the Lower Line, indicating that during the day the RSI was in the OverSold zone. Both times we have a nice move of 3-4 days, I am sure that you will agree that catching a 3-4 day move on AAPL is good for our bank accounts.

Key Features:

  • Familiar RSI Parameters
  • The indicator Changes color according to location, normal, Over Bought, Over Sold
  • Works well with the DIG RSI indicator

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