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DIG Stochastic RSI


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What is Stochastic RSI?

The Stochatic RSI is a combination of two very popular indicators: Stochastic and Relative Strength Index (RSI). Basically Stochastic RSI is an indicator of and indicator as its name suggests. It is a great and very popular indicator that brings the best of two worlds together, and produces very high probability trading signals.

How is Stochastic RSI better then simple RSI?

The simple RSI show the relation of the current price to previous prices, while the Stochastic RSI show the relation between the current RSI value and its previous values. This is the key factor, Stochastic RSI provides us with much more signals, and is great for both small and large time frames.

Futures @ES 60 Min Chart: Notice that during the period of 5 days, the RSI provides us with one amazing short trade, while the Stochastic RSI provides us with not one and not tow but four magnificent trades.

How to Use the Stochastic RSI?

Entry Signals : The Stochastic RSI is used to recognize OverSold and OverBought areas . Once the StochRSI exits one of these areas an Entry Signal is received. The chart below provides a nu good entry examples. It is usually recommended to trade in the direction of the market, but the StochRSI can also be used for shorter against the trend trades.

Dow 15 Minute Chart. We have 4 very nice consecutive trades. We have used the signals as stop and reverse. The first trade as the StochRSI crossed below the overbought line we enter a short trade, as it comes lower and crosses over the over sold line we enter a long trade. After a very nice move the Stoch RSI crosses below the OverBought line once and gain and we go short, as the trade progresses the StochRSI enters the oversold area and crosses above it at that point we go long once again.

Stochastic RSI Components

Key Features:

  • Visually Enhanced
  • Build In Moving Average (with on off switch)
  • Changes color according to oversold or overbought,
  • New Feature – Built in alerts.

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