DIG Trailing Stop

DIG Trailing Stop


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Our top experts developed the DIG Trailing Stop, which provides you with a great systematic way to exit your trades.

This indicator is especially useful for breakout and trend traders, who usually like to keep their stops relatively close and run after the trend, but still be able to exit as soon as the trend turns around. This highly efficient stop can be applied to any market on any time frame.

The DIG Trailing Stop indicator is highly customizable and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of any trader, and any trading style.

You can choose from three different trailing options: percent trailing, pips trailing, and ATR trailing. We recommend that if you are a relatively new trader you start with percent trailing and then try the other options.

S&P500 Futures 60 Min Chart:

The yellow line represents the short trailing stop, and the purple line represents the long trailing stop. Note that when the long trailing stop line is broken it is clearly the end of the uptrend and time to close the trade and look for a new one.

S&P500 Futures 644 Ticks Chart:

Note the unique number 644; for some reason, this “magical” number has proven itself time after time. Please do try it. You can clearly see the two points marked on the chart, the first indicating the end of the long trade and the second indicating the end of the short trade. A highly trained trader might have closed the trade a bar or two earlier, but the indicator definitely gives you the right point after which you should no longer stay in the trade.

GBPUSD Forex Daily Chart:

Notice that our DIG Trailing Stop indicator also works well on high time frames. The indicator trails the trade very nicely and exits it in the best possible place, at the end of the trend.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable length
  • Separate adjustable parameter for long and short trades.
  • Optional percent / pips / ATR trailing stop.
  • New Extra Feature – Trade direction; select the direction of you trade and the indicator plots only the corresponding stop line.

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