MultiChart Updates: Command Line commands available through keywords

Posted by Gil Zehnbacht on

Command Line commands are now available through the language in MultiCharts. This means it’s now programmatically possible to insert symbol, change symbol, insert indicator, insert signal, reload data (all data, certain resolution, interval (N days), all charts), change chart symbol name, change symbol resolution, turn off auto trading, show report, change bar spacing.


All of these are possible via new reserved word for accessing command line functionality. For PowerLanguage it’s – “CommandLine”. MultiChart has added the description of all the commands for Command Line toolbar in the PowerLanguage Help Guide and in MultiCharts Wiki.



CommandLine(“.rld”);   //Reloads the chart where the script is applied (reloads all chart where the same symbol is used).


CommandLine(“.at_toggle”);  //Turns on/off auto trading on the chart where the script is applied (if it is used to turn auto trading on, the popped up confirmation window cannot be skipped and a manual click on “OK” is required).

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